Meet Aclima’s Advisory Board — Our Trusted Guides

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October 27 2015

Aclima’s most valuable resource is our people. Besides our committed team who keep our work humming along every day, we are guided by a team of luminaries from the fields of science, policy and technology.

Their guidance helps propel Aclima’s mission-driven work to map the world with rich networks of environmental sensors. We are grateful for our advisors and inspired by their commitments to enabling more healthy, prosperous, and informed lives.

We’re excited to share what our Advisors have to say about us — and look forward to providing a forum for these leaders to provide new perspectives to enable us to live aware.

“Aclima has the potential to revolutionize the way we understand our environment.” Elad Gil, Serial entrepreneur and former VP of Corporate Strategy for Twitter.

“To confront the myriad of environmental challenges that we face today requires a new body of knowledge which Aclima seeks to usher into the world. From my work in systems transformation, I see Aclima as creating an entirely new way to drive informed decisions and solutions for the benefit of both human and planetary health.” Martin Goebel, Founder of Sustainable Northwest and former country president for World Wildlife Fund and Conservation International.

“Our world is comprised of natural and social systems that are in constant feedback with each other. The diverse team at Aclima is using sensor networks to help us visualize and make sense of parts of these complex systems that affect us directly. It’s an innovative and powerful approach to unveiling connections between human wellbeing and the health of our planet.” Jane Lubchenco, former Administrator of The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (2009–2013) and Distinguished Professor at Oregon State University.

“Awareness is the first step in stewardship. Aclima’s innovative and collaborative approach to sensing shows unseen connections between us and our environments and engages key stakeholders in making a positive impact in the world. I’m proud to be part of Aclima at a time when this movement towards a greater understanding of invisible connections to the world around us is so critical to our collective future.” Greg Niemeyer, Professor at UC Berkeley and Director of the Berkeley Center for New Media.

“Aclima’s value is in providing answers where only questions exist. By mapping our living world with large scale environmental sensor networks, we can inform better policy decisions to support critical health protections for ourselves and our world.” William K. Reilly, former Administrator of the EPA and Senior Advisor to TPG Capital.

“Aclima’s vision is an expression of our next steps as a society and species. With the mounting chaos we feel around us, nothing is more important than clear and steady movement towards the future we want to create, and the confidence that this movement can be sustained.” Peter Senge, Senior Lecturer at MIT School of Management, pioneer in systems science and author of “The Fifth Discipline”.

“The most successful businesses of the future are those that rely on the power of deep cooperation with customers and partners; “cooperative advantage”, rather than competitive advantage. Aclima understands this and has built its business on the value of cooperations, collective intelligence, and co-creation. They understand that business edge can come from a deep sense of purpose, common values, trust, and connection amongst a company’s team members and stakeholders. Aclima is taking this mission-driven approach to creating meaningful change in the world through business.” David Sherman, co-author of the “Flourishing Enterprise” and distinguished fellow at the Fowler Center for Sustainable Value.

We’ll have more to share from our advisors in the coming months. We are so grateful to have them on our journey.