Introducing a Sense of Aclima

1 min read
June 29 2015

At Aclima, we’re on a mission to increase environmental awareness and make the invisible, visible — on an unprecedented scale. For the last several years, we’ve been busy building and deploying a new sensing platform for mapping the environment. Today we’re ready to introduce ourselves!

We take about 20,000 breaths a day — what’s in the air we’re breathing and how does that affect our health? We spend 90% of our time indoors — how can we improve our indoor environmental quality?

A higher resolution picture of the world allows us to answer these questions. With Aclima’s internet-connected sensor networks, we help our partners Live Aware and make more informed decisions for stronger, healthier buildings, communities, and cities.

As part our launch, we’re sharing our company blog, A Sense of Aclima. Here you’ll read updates about our company, including our deployment and research partners, our team, and what we’re discovering with Aclima Sensory Science.

We want A Sense of Aclima to be a place where we can learn together, explore, and share our journey. Rooted in science, technology, and inquiry, our blog will focus on discussions and data-driven stories surrounding the environment, human and ecological health, and creating resilient systems.

Building a world that truly lives aware won’t happen overnight. We are at the very beginning of a journey that will come with its own host of expected (and unexpected) challenges. We look forward to making the invisible, visible with you.