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Community Impact and Investment Index


Shape solutions in community context

Aclima Pro features a first-of-its-kind national index that combines our hyperlocal air pollution and greenhouse gas measurements with key indicators.  Analyze Aclima’s hyperlocal air quality and greenhouse gas data in context with nationwide and localized urban, climate, community vulnerability, and socioeconomic data. Target investments and solutions for highest impact in the communities that need them most. 

Air Disparities in the Bay Area

Results from the first major application of Aclima's Community Impact and Investment Index across all 101 cities in the San Francisco Bay Area leveraging Aclima air pollution data from the largest region-wide mobile sensor network.


Hundreds of data layers

With census block resolution

Continually updated

“The Community Impact and Investment Index will act as a decision-support tool that can help impacted residents from communities with environmental justice issues receive restorative justice and obtain the benefits that they deserve.”
Sacoby Wilson 3
Dr. Sacoby Wilson

Associate Professor and Director, Community Engagement, Environmental Justice, and Health (CEEJH) at the University of Maryland and Aclima Advisory Board member.

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