Aclima Pro

The world’s most advanced hyperlocal air measurement and analysis software.

Hyperlocal air pollution measurement & analysis

Aclima Pro is professional software that transforms the assessment and diagnosis of block by block air pollution and greenhouse gases. Instantaneous insights from billions of Aclima measurements super-charge climate action. From state-of-the-art visualization tools to automated analytics, advanced features help you meet your goals faster.

Hyperlocal monitoring at scale
High quality, verifiable data
Reduced costs and increased efficiency

Decision making with block-level resolution

Aclima Pro helps answer key questions about what’s happening at the neighborhood block level: where are pollution levels highest, who is being impacted, and where can decision-makers target action to reduce emissions and protect public health. Aclima complements existing regulatory networks and provides a new level of access and visibility for all stakeholders.



From measurement to intelligence

A growing library of curated views provides previously impossible understanding of the nature and impacts of pollution. Learn where community levels exceed regulated thresholds, what burdens a particular neighborhood experiences, how an area differs from the nearest regulatory sites, and what might be creating the emissions. 



Identify sources, from gas leaks to landfills

Aclima has pioneered source detection and identification using mobile mapping. Whether caused by gas leaks or landfills, emission sources are differentiated with high accuracy algorithms for even the most challenging pollutants, such as methane. Our leak lifecycle methodology tracks leaks from first observation through resolution, and highly accurate flow-rate estimation helps improve infrastructure and reduce climate impact. 



See the whole picture 

Using the Community Impact and Investment Index, put our air quality and greenhouse gas measurements into context with information about race, income, health, pollution exposure, climate impacts, and other socioeconomic factors that historically limit access to support and resources. Customers can use the Index to more effectively target pollution mitigation and climate action in the communities that need it most.


Next-generation mobile leak detection

Aclima’s multipass methodology unlocks faster, more efficient leak identification and repairs – driven by science, enabled by AI,  and verified in the field, it provides an unprecedented amount of actionable information. Protect public safety, reduce risk, and achieve critical emissions reductions goals with Aclima’s next-generation natural gas leak solution.

Aclima-Natural-Gas-Leak Report