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Continuous Gas Leak Intelligence

Next-Generation Mobile Leak Detection

Aclima’s true multipass methodology unlocks faster, more efficient leak identification and repairs – driven by science, enabled by AI,  and verified in the field, it provides an unprecedented amount of actionable information. Protect public safety, reduce risk, and achieve critical emissions reductions goals with Aclima’s next-generation natural gas leak solution.

Aclima-Natural-Gas-Leak Report

A Leak in Queens, New York

Aclima’s fleet vehicles detected multiple indications of natural gas in a Queens, New York neighborhood, close to a school, daycare, and bus stop. After confirming the leak and categorizing it as Priority Group A per Aclima’s Standard Operating Procedure, Aclima reported the leak to the utility company. Within a month of reporting, the utility fixed the leak, protecting public safety and stopping climate-changing emissions from entering the environment.

How It Works: Natural Gas Leak Indicator

True multipass methodology allows for faster, more efficient leak identification and repairs

Comprehensive monitoring 
over entire service areas

  • Survey coverage across entire utility service areas rather than individual streets and neighborhoods
  • Scalable, flexible deployment that allows for multiple priority leaks to be tracked at once


New York Graphic-1

Continuous, block-level measurements

  • Identification of emergent and persistent leak indications, with the highest levels of confidence in the industry
  • Highly responsive platform, powered by AI,  enabled by high observation frequency throughout the year provides faster detection of emergency leaks



Leak lifecycle tracking and chemical fingerprinting

  • World’s largest fleet conducting multipollutant screening enables chemical fingerprinting of natural gas and eliminates false positives
  • Multiple passes provide uniquely granular information

Information for more efficient, faster action

  • Repeated measurements reduce the influence of day-to-day variability of field conditions (meteorology, etc.) on leak assessment
  • Leverage dense multipass data to prioritize repairs and protect public safety



Transparent Leak Reporting

Aclima’s Natural Gas Leak Indicator solution is designed to make gas leaks more transparent for utilities, regulators, and communities. With continuous, block-level monitoring, utilities and regulators can see the density of leaks across territories – information especially crucial when looking to understand leak density in disadvantaged and Environmental Justice communities. 


Validated by Leading Scientific Partners & Used by Major Utilities

Creating Green Jobs

We create full-time, green jobs in local communities while training and delivering the technology needed to identify leaks, protect public safety, and guide emissions reductions.