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Aclima and Google Now Measuring Air Pollution and GHGs Block by Block in Hamburg

By Aclima on September 29 2021

Together with the City Science Lab of the Hafencity University Hamburg (HCU) and a working group from the City of Hamburg, Project Air View has launched in Germany. Just a few days before the 20th birthday of Google Germany, a Project Air View car equipped with the Aclima mobile sensing platform has begun measurement and analysis of air pollution and greenhouse gases block by block in Hamburg.

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New Research Shows Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Hyperlocal Air Pollution

By Aclima on September 9 2021

Peer-Reviewed Study Drawing on Data from Aclima Mobile Measurements Published in PNAS Reflects the Lived Experience of Communities of Color in the Bay Area.
A new peer-reviewed hyperlocal air pollution study with implications for environmental justice policy has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The study was led by Dr. Sarah Chambliss in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin and Prof. Joshua Apte from UC Berkeley, with co-authors from the ​​National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Washington, and Aclima.

The scientific study funded by the US EPA, EDF, and Health Effects Institute examines how the variability in ambient air pollutant levels at local and regional scales correlates with the racial and ethnic demographics of the people who live within and across four counties in the San Francisco Bay Area. The hyperlocal air pollution data for the study was generated by the Google Street View fleet equipped with the Aclima hyperlocal air mapping platform.

All of the air pollutants measured —black carbon (BC), nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and ultrafine particles (UFP) —had meaningful variation at hyperlocal (i.e. a city block), local (i.e., within individual neighborhoods) and regional (i.e., between neighborhoods) scales.

This variability of air pollution results in racial and ethnic disparities in exposure. For Hispanic and Black populations, median concentrations of UFP, NO, and NO2 were 8%-30% higher than the population average.

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Aclima Launches Hyperlocal Air Monitoring in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties

By Aclima on September 3 2021

In collaboration with environmental justice and climate action leaders, local and state government agency and elected officials, and community members, Aclima launched hyperlocal mobile air monitoring in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties in California, measuring and analyzing air pollution and greenhouse gases block by block in the East Los Angeles/West Commerce/Boyle Heights and San Bernardino/Muscoy AB 617 communities, as well as throughout the implementation of the Bassett Avocado Heights Advanced Energy Community project.

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Celebrating 100 Million Measurements and Dublin Launch with Google Air View

By Aclima on May 26 2021

Google’s Project Air View, launched in 2015 by Google and Aclima, has reached a new milestone of more than 100 million air pollution and greenhouse gas measurements collected globally since the research phase of our collaboration to measure air pollution began.

With EU Green Week kicking off on Monday, we’re also celebrating with Google the launch of Air View with Aclima in the City of Dublin. Aclima air pollution and greenhouse gas measurement and analysis technology integrated with Google’s first all-electric Street View car – a Jaguar I-PACE – will produce hyperlocal air quality insights for the Dublin City Council as part of its Smart Dublin program.

Aclima is Google Street View’s global partner for sensing air quality with Street View vehicles. Aclima provides the sensor instrumentation, data, and analytics infrastructure, and scientific expertise to support high-quality delivery and interpretation from the mobile platform.

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Welcoming Climate and Environmental Justice Leaders to Our Advisory Board

By Aclima on April 13 2021

By Davida Herzl, Co-founder and CEO, Aclima

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Our Series B: An Investment in Clean Air for All

By Aclima on November 19 2020

By Davida Herzl, Co-founder and CEO, Aclima

Ten years ago, I moved to Silicon Valley to start building Aclima, inspired by the stories of mission-driven and brilliant people coming together to solve the world’s hardest problems. Legendary companies like Fairchild Semiconductor and Xerox Parc, responsible for technology advancements that moved society forward by leaps and bounds, spoke to what was possible. I couldn’t imagine a more important problem than climate change. And I was convinced that the technology community had a big role to play in giving people the tools to understand and reduce emissions and their impacts on both human and planetary health.  

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PM 2.5 Surges As Wildfires Rage in California

By Aclima on September 21 2020

As six of the largest 20 fires in California history poured smoke into the atmosphere in recent weeks, and new fires were sparked in Oregon and Washington, the skies over the Bay Area and beyond were blanketed in smoke and at times turned unnerving shades of orange. Reports of ash falling flooded social media as entire towns were evacuated due to the fires.

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California Air Quality During Lightning Complex Fires

By Aclima on August 28 2020

On August 16, 2020, more than 10,000 lightning strikes pummeled the Bay Area, sparking wildfires across the region. Twelve days later, two of the three largest fires ever recorded in California history are still burning. Aclima scientists analyzed both regulatory and Aclima data to identify patterns in the impacts of these lightning complex fires on air quality.

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Aclima Now Mapping Air Quality in Brooklyn

By Aclima on August 25 2020

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New Interactive Report: San Diego Portside and Border Community Air Quality

By Aclima on August 24 2020

Aclima’s roving sensor network has been measuring air pollution and greenhouse gases block by block, across portside and border communities in San Diego since March 2019. Today we released an online hyperlocal air quality report sharing the seasonal averages for all measured pollutants for summer (June-September) and fall (September-December) 2019.

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