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New Research Shows Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Hyperlocal Air Pollution

Peer-Reviewed Study Drawing on Data from Aclima Mobile Measurements Published in PNAS Reflects the Lived Experience of Communities of Color in the Bay AreaA new peer-reviewed hyperlocal air pollution...

8 min read
Aclima Launches Hyperlocal Air Monitoring in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties

In collaboration with environmental justice and climate action leaders, local and state government agency and elected officials, and community members, Aclima launched hyperlocal mobile air...

4 min read
Celebrating 100 Million Measurements and Dublin Launch with Google Air View

Google’s Project Air View, launched in 2015 by Google and Aclima, has reached a new milestone of more than 100 million air pollution and greenhouse gas measurements collected globally since the...

7 min read
Welcoming Climate and Environmental Justice Leaders to Our Advisory Board

By Davida Herzl, Co-founder and CEO, Aclima

The air we breathe is critical infrastructure. Access to clean air is a human right, yet 90% of us don’t have it. Systemic racial injustices have led to...

5 min read
Our Series B: An Investment in Clean Air for All

By Davida Herzl, Co-founder and CEO, Aclima

Ten years ago, I moved to Silicon Valley to start building Aclima, inspired by the stories of mission-driven and brilliant people coming together to solve...

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PM 2.5 Surges As Wildfires Rage in California

As six of the largest 20 fires in California history poured smoke into the atmosphere in recent weeks, and new fires were sparked in Oregon and Washington, the skies over the Bay Area and beyond were...

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California Air Quality During Lightning Complex Fires

On August 16, 2020, more than 10,000 lightning strikes pummeled the Bay Area, sparking wildfires across the region. Twelve days later, two of the three largest fires ever recorded in California...

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Aclima Now Mapping Air Quality in Brooklyn

Aclima is now measuring air pollution and greenhouse gases block by block throughout Downtown Brooklyn and nearby potential environmental justice communities, including portions of Clinton Hill,...

5 min read
New Interactive Report: San Diego Portside and Border Community Air Quality

Aclima’s roving sensor network has been measuring air pollution and greenhouse gases block by block, across portside and border communities in San Diego since March 2019. Today we released an online...

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Where There’s Smoke in San Francisco, There’s Fine Particulate Matter in West Oakland

Early Tuesday morning in San Francisco, a massive five-alarm fire erupted in a building supply company according to the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD). Smoke from the fire rose in a plume high...

5 min read
New Research Reveals Hyperlocal Air Pollution Varies Over Space & Time

Scientists from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Envair, and Aclima analyzed millions of block-by-block measurements (2016–2017) of air...

5 min read
Aclima and Google Release New Air Quality Dataset

During her keynote at Collision from Home today, our co-founder and CEO Davida Herzl announced that Aclima and Google are making a massive air pollution dataset freely available to the scientific...

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Welcome to Aclima, Dr. Crystal Upperman!

New Senior Scientist to Advance Aclima Technology in Support of Health and Environmental Justice

Crystal Upperman, Ph.D., MPA, has joined Aclima as the new Senior Scientist to oversee the company’s...

3 min read
Aclima to Launch in NYC This Summer

Hyperlocal Air Pollution Mapping to Accelerate and Support Climate Action and Public Health Initiatives

Today we announced our plans to deploy our mobile air quality sensing fleet in New York for the...

7 min read
Mapping Street-Level and Real-Time Air Quality in West Oakland
9 min read
Air Pollution Fluctuates in San Diego

In February and March, physical distancing initiatives to slow the spread of COVID-19 resulted in reduced travel, which correlated with declines in air pollutant levels around the world. In April,...

6 min read
Cleaner Air Throughout California

Californians have now been sheltering in place since March 20. While social distancing is slowing the spread of COVID-19, it’s also significantly reducing air pollutant and greenhouse gas levels...

8 min read
Bay Area Pollutant Levels Drop for Second Week

With the shelter-in-place order in the San Francisco Bay Area extending until at least May 1, millions of people continue to stay home to slow the spread of COVID-19. Just two weeks into what is now...

5 min read
Bay Area Air Pollution During COVID-19

How efforts to flatten the curve of COVID-19 are reflected in air quality

With millions of people sheltering in place across the Bay Area, the daily ebb and flow of urban life has come to a...

3 min read
Illuminating Hyperlocal Air Pollution in Richmond-San Pablo

Aclima measures air quality where people live, work, and spend time with friends and family. Our approach to air quality mapping provides visibility into people’s lived experience of pollution. This...

4 min read
Mapping Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases on Every Block in the Bay Area

First-ever Mobile Environmental Sensor Network to Span an Entire Metropolitan Region, Covering 5,000 Square Miles in 9 Counties


Today, as we send the first of our mapping fleet into Santa...

6 min read
The next step towards making block-by-block air pollution visible to San Diego communities

This May, Aclima and San Diego County announced a partnership to bring hyper-local air quality data and insights to San Diego communities, regulators, and policymakers. Aclima’s air quality mapping...

4 min read
Innovation at Collision 2019

As the world continues to set new records in global climate emissions, humanity is increasingly experiencing the personal health effects caused by polluted air. This year alone, carbon dioxide in the...

6 min read
Bringing Block-by-Block Air Quality Mapping to San Diego County

From Los Angeles to the Bay Area, and California’s Central Valley, Aclima is helping to drive new policies and actions to improve air quality throughout California. Building on this momentum, we are...