Explore the Power of Feedback Loops with Aclima’s Chief Creative Officer Reuben Herzl

1 min read
November 6 2015

While we were still in stealth mode, our Chief Creative Officer, Reuben Herzl, gave a talk about human feedback loops in the built environment to The Los Angeles Chapter of The American Institute of Architects and their Committee on the Environment (COTE).

In his presentation, Reuben examined how our buildings have been constructed in the absence of data and how those environments affect our wellbeing. Reuben goes on to explain that understanding the feedback loop between the environment and humans can help us make informed decisions about building and managing our infrastructure.

By generating billions of data points about our built environment, Aclima’s sensor networks can make these invisible feedback loops visible. And with 70 percent of the infrastructure that will exist in 2050 yet to be built, we can turn these billions of data points into billions of informed decisions. Decisions that will ultimately improve human health and planetary health.

Learn more in the video below.