Aclima Launches in DC

May 25, 2023


DOEE is Partnering with Aclima on Air Quality Monitoring Pilot in Three Wards

WASHINGTON, DC – May 25, 2023 – Today, The Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) in partnership with air quality and climate tech leader Aclima launched a historic air quality monitoring pilot program for three priority communities in Ivy City/Brentwood, Buzzard Point and Mayfair at the Kingman +Heritage Islands in Ward 7.

The effort to map hyperlocal air pollution and greenhouse gases at the community block level will provide valuable insight into the differences in air quality and emissions for specific communities in the District.  

“Clean air is a right for everyone, and the Bowser administration recognizes the need to relieve communities overburdened by air pollution in the District—this project is a good example of how we can work together to gather data on air pollution on a neighborhood scale,” said DOEE Interim Director Richard Jackson. “DOEE’s Air Quality program welcomes this partnership with Aclima and the insights they will provide on reducing air pollution and promoting healthier District Wards.” 

The pilot project relies on Aclima’s vehicles, mobile air quality monitors, and ground-breaking mobile-mapping technology. Aclima’s mobile fleet will collect measurements of fine particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and black carbon, among other pollutants. Aclima will map pollution at different times and days to create a more complete understanding of typical pollutant concentrations in the pilot neighborhoods. Because of the pilot nature of the project, Aclima will only observe one season, which may impact air pollution measurements. DOEE plans to expand the project in fiscal year 2024 to map additional communities and across different seasons of the year. 

“Aclima is honored to partner with DOEE to begin operations in DC and support DOEE’s efforts to reduce emissions and improve public health — especially in communities that has been affected,” said Aclima Co-Founder and CEO Davida Herzl. “With the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, this is an exciting moment for climate action in our country and we look forward to getting to work, driving towards a clean air future for all.” 

Aclima will help DOEE analyze and visualize the company’s unique data and provide the context to inform DOEE and residents about the state of the air in the select neighborhoods. The goal is to help residents reduce emissions, as well as address health burdens and inequities in communities disproportionately impacted by air pollution. 

Aclima is recruiting and training District residents to operate its fleet, creating jobs in the communities most impacted by air pollution.  

Aclima’s work will supplement DOEE’s ongoing work to monitor ambient air pollution in the District as part of its regulatory responsibilities under the Clean Air Act. DOEE currently maintains five federal reference/equivalent monitors across the District, which provide data necessary to show the District’s compliance with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. 

“President Biden believes that every person deserves access to clean, breathable air and a healthy, thriving community,” said Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality Brenda Mallory. “The Biden-Harris Administration has invested over $250 million to support a range of vital air monitoring projects and help reduce pollution in communities across America, leading to cleaner air and advancing environmental justice.” 


About Aclima

Aclima is pioneering an entirely new way to diagnose the health of our air and track climate-changing pollution. Powered by our network of roving and stationary sensors, Aclima measures air pollution and greenhouse gases at unprecedented scales and with block-by-block resolution. Our professional analytics software, Aclima Pro, translates billions of scientific measurements into environmental intelligence for governments, companies, and communities. Aclima is a purpose-driven technology company committed to a rigorous, science-driven approach that catalyzes bold climate action to protect public health, reduce emissions, and deliver clean air for all. To learn more, visit 


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