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The world’s most advanced air measurement and analysis platform

Backed by rigorous science, Aclima has pioneered a new way to map and analyze air pollution and greenhouse gases. Powered by our network of roving and stationary sensors, Aclima provides the broadest set of pollutant measurements on the market, at unprecedented scale with block-by-block resolution. Our customers across industry, government, and communities are using our groundbreaking data and analytics to reduce emissions, improve public health, and deliver clean air for all.

The Aclima mapping fleet

Equipped with our specialized sensors, Aclima’s global mapping fleet takes high-resolution measurements every second. Intelligent routing software ensures scientifically robust pollutant data collection. The network is operated with care by members of the community who we hire into full-time jobs.

Cutting edge sensors
Continuous measurements
Scientifically validated
Community operated

Analyze billions of data points, in an instant

Powerful enterprise software, Aclima Pro, instantly translates billions of scientific measurements from the network into insights. State-of-the-art visualization tools and automated analytics help you turn data into climate action. Diagnose challenges, shape interventions, and track progress over time.


Engage and support communities

Search air pollution and climate insights by address with, a free app made available in the regions we serve. Understand and share typical pollution levels on your block or in your neighborhood. Collaborate to reduce emissions and protect public health.

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