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Aclima is the leader in hyperlocal air quality and greenhouse gas measurement and analysis. Our next-generation platform helps governments, communities, and enterprise customers take bold action to reduce emissions and protect public health.

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Measure what matters, everywhere 

Aclima has introduced a new way to measure air pollution and greenhouse gases, at the resolution needed to target emissions reductions, protect human health and advance environmental justice. With our platform, governments, communities, and enterprise customers can diagnose and take action to reduce pollution like never before.

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Aclima Air Quality Mapping
Block by Block, hyperlocal insight of air pollution

Achieve breakthrough understanding of hyperlocal air pollution and greenhouse gases, at the human scale. Aclima measurements deliver up to 100,000x greater spatial resolution than traditional approaches.

bigger view of air pollution
See the 

Gain comprehensive visibility into air pollution and emissions across urban, suburban, and rural landscapes. Aclima provides coverage at regional scales impossible with alternative methods, at unmatched speed.

track pollutants

Monitor and analyze hyperlocal levels of a wide variety of parameters, including PM 2.5, black carbon, methane, ethane, ozone, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, VOCs, and temperature.

Aclima provides scientific quality data and insights on air pollution

Rely on high-quality scientific measurements and insights. Powered by Aclima methodologies, developed over a decade by leading scientists and validated by the world's top research institutions. 

Aclima end-to-end managed networks
managed networks

Focus on impact instead of hardware with the Aclima managed sensor network. From operating fleets of roving sensors to calibrating stationary sensors, we take care of everything to deliver the vital information you need.

Aclima provides instant access to air pollution measurements

Gain instant access to measurements from the Aclima mobile and stationary sensor network through a secure cloud environment. Integrate and access third-party devices and data sets for a unified view. 



Analyze billions of data points, in an instant

Aclima Pro is professional software that transforms the assessment and diagnosis of air pollution and greenhouse gases. Instantaneous insights from billions of Aclima measurements super-charge climate action. From state-of-the-art visualization tools to automated analytics, advanced features help you meet your goals faster. 

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Aclima Pro
  • Search & discovery

    Query and analyze billions of hyperlocal data points, in an instant. Generate custom aggregations for specific blocks, neighborhoods, or regions. Filter for times of interest, from rush hours to weekends. Explore the statistical features of every aggregation.

  • Visualization at any scale

    Visualize changes in pollutant levels over time and across locations to uncover new insights about emissions and exposure — and the effectiveness of interventions. Instantly generate spatio-temporal visualizations of stationary and mobile data at any resolution.

  • Automated insights

    Powerful algorithms search for meaningful signals, so you can automatically pinpoint everything from hotspots to natural gas leaks. The Aclima automated intelligence engine converts billions of data points into indicators to give you rapid insights. 

  • Collaboration & Reporting

    Facilitate seamless information exchange with distributed teams, across departments and areas of expertise. Organize work into dedicated projects and collaborate with colleagues. Customize internal and external reports with color scale gradients, map styles, filters, and more.

  • Contextual data layers

    Aggregate sensor measurements across census tracts, municipalities, regional jurisdictions, and more. Contextual data layers — such as demographic, socioeconomic and land-use data —  support everything from planning to environmental justice assessments. Design and implement effective and equitable emissions reductions programs.

  • Integrated quality metrics

    Make sense of every measurement with integrated data quality metrics. Transparency and standardization maximizes data utility. Third party data streams are classified and harmonized.


Engage and support communities 

Aclima translates measurements from its network into meaningful insights for the public through a free online app, currently being piloted by communities across the US. Search air pollution levels by address to understand conditions where you live, work, play, and learn. Collaborate to reduce emissions and protect public health.

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Aclima for Communities
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Mapping air quality across the Bay Area

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is working with Aclima to assess and analyze block-by-block measurements of air quality and greenhouse gases across all nine counties and 5,000 square miles of the San Francisco Bay Area. This groundbreaking capability strengthens and targets the District’s efforts to ensure access to clean air for nearly 8,000,000 residents. 




This work will help shine a light on the disparity of health impacts faced by many in the region and it will inform lawmakers to better guide our decision-making process to protect the health of all Bay Area residents moving forward.
Regulator - Broadbent
Jack Broadbent, Executive Officer
Bay Area Air Quality Management District
How to work with us

Accelerate climate action, today 

By measuring and analyzing air pollution and greenhouse gases block by block, the Aclima platform helps governments, communities, and businesses reduce emissions—and work together to improve public and planetary health.


Aclima for Regulators

GOVERNMENTS —Are you a regulator, legislator, or public official? Get a clear and complete picture of the pollution impacting the communities you serve. Learn how >

Aclima for Industry

BUSINESSES — Is your company managing its environmental footprint or taking climate action? Understand hyperlocal air quality, target emissions reductions, and quantify ROI. Learn how >

Aclima for Communities

COMMUNITIES —Concerned about air pollution? See what’s in the air you breathe in the places that matter to you. Our hyperlocal insights support community-led action. Learn how >


RESEARCHERS — Our scientists welcome the opportunity to support and collaborate on peer-reviewed research. Large air quality datasets are available to the academic community. Learn how >

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New Research Shows Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Hyperlocal Air Pollution

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Aclima Launches Hyperlocal Air Monitoring in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties

In collaboration with environmental justice and climate action leaders, local and state government agency and elected officials, and community members, Aclima launched hyperlocal mobile air...


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