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Aclima and Project Air View

Aclima is Google’s global partner for sensing air quality with Street View vehicles. Aclima provides the sensor instrumentation, data and analytics infrastructure, and scientific expertise to support high-quality delivery and interpretation from the mobile platform. 

Mapping air in cities

From Google Street View to Project Air View with Aclima

Since 2015, Aclima and Google have collaborated to measure air pollution and greenhouse gases with dozens of Street View cars, providing a massive dataset on hyperlocal air quality in California to the scientific community. Project Air View is now scaling globally with Aclima sensing hardware and analytics software, in cities around the world.


Air pollution data to advance new science


In 2020, Aclima and Google made a massive dataset containing more than 42 million hyperlocal air pollution and greenhouse gas measurements in California from 2015 to 2019 freely available to the scientific community. 

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Aclima+Google_CA mapping

Block-by-block and around the world

In September 2018, Google and Aclima announced plans to scale and integrate Aclima’s mobile sensing platform into a growing number of Street View vehicles, deployed to major cities around the world.


For a healthier, more sustainable future

In May 2021, Google launched Project Air View with Aclima in the City of Dublin. Aclima air pollution and greenhouse gas measurement and analysis technology integrated with Google’s first all-electric Street View car -- a Jaguar I-PACE -- will produce hyperlocal air quality insights for the Dublin City Council as part of its Smart Dublin program.


To inform sustainable city planning

In September 2021, Google and Aclima together with the City Science Lab of the Hafencity University Hamburg (HCU) and a working group from the City of Hamburg, launched Project Air View with measurement and analysis of air pollution and greenhouse gases block by block in Hamburg, Germany.

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"By making this kind of information available and accessible to everyone, we're hoping that regular citizens and decision-makers alike can all join in and be part of the dialogue to make improvements to our environment, to our air."
Karin Tuxen-Bettman
Karin Tuxen-Bettman, Program Manager