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New Interactive Report: San Diego Portside and Border Community Air Quality

By Aclima on August 24 2020

Aclima’s roving sensor network has been measuring air pollution and greenhouse gases block by block, across portside and border communities in San Diego since March 2019. Today we released an online hyperlocal air quality report sharing the seasonal averages for all measured pollutants for summer (June-September) and fall (September-December) 2019.

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Air Pollution Fluctuates in San Diego

By Aclima on May 28 2020

In February and March, physical distancing initiatives to slow the spread of COVID-19 resulted in reduced travel, which correlated with declines in air pollutant levels around the world. In April, however, we began to see an increase in air pollutants in parts of California, as measured by both regulatory monitors and Aclima’s mobile sensing network.

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The next step towards making block-by-block air pollution visible to San Diego communities

By Aclima on September 9 2019

This May, Aclima and San Diego County announced a partnership to bring hyper-local air quality data and insights to San Diego communities, regulators, and policymakers. Aclima’s air quality mapping and analysis platform provides next-generation diagnostics of critical air pollutants and greenhouse gases at block-by-block resolution. Today, we are giving the public visibility into air quality in their neighborhoods on our website. This is a first step towards making air pollution visible to San Diegans where they live, work, play and learn, so they can take action to improve air quality and protect their health.

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Bringing Block-by-Block Air Quality Mapping to San Diego County

By Aclima on May 28 2019

From Los Angeles to the Bay Area, and California’s Central Valley, Aclima is helping to drive new policies and actions to improve air quality throughout California. Building on this momentum, we are happy to announce that San Diego County is working with Aclima to map hyper-local air quality in environmental justice communities to support monitoring and emissions reduction efforts outlined in AB 617, a law tackling California’s air quality concerns.

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