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Aclima and Google Release New Air Quality Dataset

By Aclima on June 25 2020

During her keynote at Collision from Home today, our co-founder and CEO Davida Herzl announced that Aclima and Google are making a massive air pollution dataset freely available to the scientific community. Over the course of four years, the two companies have together generated and aggregated more than 42 million hyperlocal air quality measurements throughout California.

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Mapping Street-Level and Real-Time Air Quality in West Oakland

By Aclima on June 11 2020

Today, in collaboration with local community groups West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP) and Rising Sun Center for Opportunity, we are launching a freely available, interactive, online report of block-by-block air pollutant and greenhouse gas levels throughout West Oakland, representing 34 million data points measured over six months in the second half of 2019. Community members can look up hyperlocal air pollution by address — where they live, work, play, and learn — share on social media, and access resources to take action.

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Illuminating Hyperlocal Air Pollution in Richmond-San Pablo

By Aclima on February 20 2020

Aclima measures air quality where people live, work, and spend time with friends and family. Our approach to air quality mapping provides visibility into people’s lived experience of pollution. This new picture of air quality illuminates how pollution impacts people’s health and lives in our communities.

At the Richmond-San Pablo AB 617 steering committee yesterday, we released an interactive report of hyperlocal, average air pollution in Richmond-San Pablo in the SF Bay Area, from August 1 through October 31, 2019, at insights.aclima.io/richmond-san-pablo.

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Bringing Block-by-Block Air Quality Mapping to San Diego County

By Aclima on May 28 2019

From Los Angeles to the Bay Area, and California’s Central Valley, Aclima is helping to drive new policies and actions to improve air quality throughout California. Building on this momentum, we are happy to announce that San Diego County is working with Aclima to map hyper-local air quality in environmental justice communities to support monitoring and emissions reduction efforts outlined in AB 617, a law tackling California’s air quality concerns.

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Sensing Wildfire Smoke at the Street Level

By Aclima on December 13 2018

As California experienced record-breaking wildfires devastating communities across the state, smoke from these fires blanketed hundreds of miles with choking air quality on par with, and at times worse than, the most polluted cities in the world like New Delhi and Mexico City.

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