People of Aclima: Melissa Lunden, Chief Scientist

1 min read
July 1 2015

One of Aclima’s greatest strengths are the talented people behind our Sensory Science. Engineers, scientists and storytellers, every member of our team is an innovator, a leader and deeply committed to the mission of amplifying awareness of the world around us.

Today we are excited to share the first in a new series of blog posts called People of Aclima. In this series, we’ll highlight Aclima’s team members, and the unique contributions they provide to the Aclima mission.

This week’s People of Aclima video features Melissa Lunden. She is an Atmospheric Scientist and our Chief Scientist. She received her Ph.D. at the California Institute of Technology with an emphasis on aerosol formation and structure. Previously she worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory directing investigations of environmental processes across a wide variety of locations including the Sierra Nevada forests, traffic tunnels, and the Washington, D.C and Boston subway systems.

Aclima values rigorous science that delivers high-quality environmental data. Melissa’s experience and leadership are a big part in delivering on that commitment. Get to know Melissa below in the first edition of People of Aclima.

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