People of Aclima: Josh Carr, VP of Interfaces

1 min read
October 6 2015

Aclima’s environmental sensor networks collect over 500 million data points every day. While a single data point is useful, it is the trends and changes over time that expose the most meaningful insights. To surface these insights, we’ve built a rich interface that creates a holistic understanding of the data collected, giving meaningful context to the viewer.

Josh Carr is our VP of Interfaces and he leads a team of designers that develop tools and interactive experiences to help our data scientists, our partners and customers see and understand environmental quality data.

Josh brings years of experience in interface design and development to Aclima. Previously, Josh worked at leading interactive agencies, including The Barbarian Group and Organic to help products, brands and non-profit organizations leverage digital experiences to tell their stories.

Josh is an expert at making the invisible visible, and we’re proud to have him on our team. Meet Josh in the video below:

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