People of Aclima: Corina Donze, Senior Mechanical Engineer

1 min read
August 13 2015

Deploying sensor networks across a range of environments results in hundreds of unique challenges. We use rapid iteration and prototyping to find answers to these complex questions. Today, Aclima’s sensor networks are painting a high resolution picture of the world around us.

Corina Donze is Aclima’s Senior Mechanical Engineer. She works closely with Colin, our Director of Devices, and our Chief Creative Officer Reuben Herzl to design and refine our devices. Whether sketching with pen and paper, or CAD software, Corina is constantly creating more capable and beautiful devices to respond to the needs of our partners.

Corina is part artist and part engineer. She approaches work the same way she does rock climbing — there is always a way to find a route to where you want to go. Meet Corina and learn about her creative problem solving approach in the video below.

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