People of Aclima: Chris McMahon, Technical Project Manager

1 min read
October 14 2015

Aclima’s Sensory Science™ represents the combination of many proprietary innovations in hardware and software. Each of these innovations started as an idea and ultimately advanced to a product that provides value to our partners. To move each innovation from concept to implementation requires impeccable organization and management capabilities.

To keep Aclima-equipped Street View cars ready to go, high-functioning and integrating the newest sensing technology, we rely on Chris McMahon, our Technical Project Manager. Chris uses his decades of engineering experience to help our team develop and scale our systems efficiently and economically.

Previous to Aclima, Chris worked as an Engineering Project Manager for Thermo King, a world leader in transport temperature control systems. For most of his career, Chris has been at the center of cross-functional teams, collaborating to advance products through the development cycle, on-time and on-budget.

Chris is an expert at managing projects from development to launch, and we’re proud to have him on our team. Meet Chris in the video below.

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