People of Aclima: Bassam Dgheim, Research Scientist

1 min read
July 9 2015

As part of our People of Aclima Series, each week we highlight one of the talented people behind our Sensory Science™. Aclima values rigorous science that delivers high-quality environmental data. As part of that commitment, we’ve formed a team of experienced research scientists to constantly test, evaluate and improve our sensor networks.

Bassam Dgheim is one of our Research Scientists. He is from Beirut, Lebanon and has a Masters in Chemical Engineering from San Jose State University. Prior to joining the Science & Research Team at Aclima, he worked to advance carbon nanotube technology at IBM’s Almaden Research Center. Bassam is passionate about making the world around him better in new and innovative ways and is a joy to have on the team (as long as we aren’t losing to him in Ping Pong.) Meet Bassam in the video below.

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